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Meet the Family


Mary Ann Pearce

The Matriarch and glue of the family. She was raised right here in Elkhorn, attended UW Madison. She was on the county board for 10 years, a leader in 4-H and community supporter.  Mary Ann is active at the Farm Stand, and everyone loves her bargain bags!  In Mary Ann's free time she enjoys eating out with friends

Robert (Bob) Pearce

The Patriarch of the family and a 6th + generation farmer. He can often be found working at the stand, playing with the kids when he can or doing whatever is necessary to keep farm production rolling.  "Grandpa Bob" can fix anything!


Bill Pearce

Son of Bob and Mary Ann

Crop production manager. He also serves as a Board Member on the Town of Walworth board.   Often after work you can see Bill riding his motorcycle.  

Bobby Pearce

Grandson of Bob and Mary Ann

 Director retail and wholesale vegetable crops  He plans, purchases, plants, prepares, coordinates, and delivers the high quality products.    Bobby is supportive and an active FFA Alumni and enjoys camping and traveling with his wife and boys.


Michelle Pearce

Wife of Bobby

Michelle is involved in the accounting aspects of the farm.  Michelle manages Human Resources.  She enjoys working with school groups and educational tours.  In her free time Michelle enjoys her horses and traveling in the RV with her family.

JR and Jake Pearce

Great Grandsons of Bob and Mary Ann

The up-and-coming active 4th generation.   Both young men help with planting, rock picking and helping wherever they can!  The boys are local 4-H and FFA members, with the focus on the pig projects!  They enjoy 4 wheelers and camping with the family.

Karen Pearce

Mom of Bobby and Danny

Manages marketing, entertainment and special events.  Karen maintains inventory and purchasing for the bakery.   Karen is responsible for caramel, and maple mustard production.  Karen loves traveling with her husband and spending time with her 8 grandkids.

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