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Robert (Bob) and Mary Ann Pearce started dairying in 1955 just a mile down the road and moved east to the corner of County F & Hwy 67 in 1965. The farm was originally purchased by Amos Van Dyke in 1848 through the Homestead Credit Act for $1.25 per acre.  The Pearce's are the second family that has operated the farm since Wisconsin became a state in 1848. A few of the original buildings from that era are still in use today. In 1967, the Pearce family had a few dozen extra sweet corn and pumpkins. The 5 Pearce kids decided to sell the surplus vegetables by the edge of the road to raise money for 4-H projects and their college education.  In the beginning, only a few vegetables were offered for sale. Podded peas were available in June, and then followed by corn in July.  With a ready supply of child labor intensive crops were planted and cared for by hand throughout the season. 

In the years to follow, sweet corn went from being planted a couple of times to regular plantings throughout the spring and early summer to assure a continuous supply to the one wagon farm stand where a young person would wait for a customer. In the mid-1970s the market expanded to multiple wagons with a variety of produce grown on the farm including: zucchini, beets, basil, tomatoes, leeks, winter squash, cucumbers, dill, green beans and beyond.  Apple products were also provided by a local grower.

Today, Pearce Farms continues to offer the wide variety of quality, fresh fruits and vegetables that have been offered for years. We continue to hand pick all our vegetables at the peak of perfection to bring you the very best. We also offer all kinds of fall decorations. From your traditional large, round pumpkins to unique ones such as Lunch Lady Gourds with warts all over their skin like those found on a witch's face. We have tiny pumpkins and gourds all the way to the 300+ pound Atlantic Giant pumpkins. With such a wide array of colors and choices you will have a hard time deciding which ones you will want to decorate your home with.


Mary Ann Pearce is the Matriarch and glue of the family. She was raised right here in Elkhorn, attended UW Madison, and has flourished as a Farmer Wife. She was on the county board for 10 years, a leader in 4-H and community supporter.

Robert (Bob) Pearce is the Patriarch of the family and a 6th + generation farmer. He can often be found helping at the stand, playing with the kids when he can or doing whatever is necessary to keep farm production rolling.

Bill Pearce (son of Bob & Mary Ann) manages crop production. He also serves as a Board Member on the Town of Walworth board.   Often after work you can see Bill riding his motorcycle.  

Bob (Bobby) Pearce (grandson of Bob and Mary Ann) is director of vegetable production.  He plans, purchases, plants, prepares, coordinates, and delivers the high quality products.   Bobby is supportive and an active FFA Alumni and enjoys camping and traveling with his wife and boys.

Michelle Pearce (wife of Bobby) is the manager of kitchen and bakery operations.   Additionally, Michelle is involved in all  accounting aspects of the farm.  In her free time Michelle enjoys her horses. 

J.R. and Jake Pearce (great grandsons of Bob & Mary Ann) are the up-and-coming 8th generation farmers of the Pearce lineage.  Often you can find the boys riding on the "gator" with Great Grandpa Bob.  Both boys help with planting, rock picking and helping wherever they can!  The boys are local 4-H members, with the focus on the pig projects!

Karen Pearce  (mom of Bobby and Danny)  manages marketing, social media, groups, tours, and special events.   Karen is responsible for caramel, and maple mustard production.  Karen loves spending time with her Pearce grandkids her goldendoodle dogs and camping.  

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